Getting to Sant’Anselmo

Getting to Sant’Anselmo

From Fiumicino by Train

A train service called “The Leonardo Express” is the quickest way to get from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station in central Rome.

It runs at 15-30 minute intervals from early morning to late at night, taking just 32 minutes. First class is around €14. Second class is around €7.

Part 1a – Fiumicino to Termini.
  1. After baggage claim, look for the overhead signs that point to trains. Follow them to the airport’s train station.
  2. Purchase your ticket either from a Trenitalia vendor, or from the automated ticket machines. Please note, you may need to get some Euros from the ATM.
  3. Close to the platform gates, there are ticket validation machines. Be sure to validate your ticket as there is a fine for unvalidated tickets. (If you have purchased e-tickets in advance, these do not need to be validated).
  4. Use the information boards to board the correct train to Roma Termini, and enjoy the journey.
Part 2 – Termini to Sant’Anselmo via Metro.

This part of the journey can be a bit daunting if you’re new to the Metro, perhaps more so at night. This journey includes an 11 minute uphill walk – if you are unsure you can make it, please catch a registered cab/taxi from outside Termini station (see taxi notes below).

  1. After disembarking the train, at Termini Station, be sure you have change for the Metro ticket machine.
  2. Purchase the B.I.T standard ticket for one ride or 100 minutes from the ticket machine – it’s €1.50.
  3. Follow signs to for the “B” line (blue), heading in the direction of LAURENTINA.
  4. Embark the next train travelling in the correct location, and disembark a short while later at CIRCO MASSIMO (usually the third stop).
  5. Exit CIRCO MASSIMO station, and follow these walking directions from Google.



From Ciampino by Train

While there are trains from Ciampino, the train station isn’t at the airport – but it is only 5 minutes bus journey away.

  1. Exit the airport and catch one of the ATRAL or COTRAL buses from the aiport to CIAMPINO TRAIN STATION. We advise catching an Atral bus. It is around €1.20, plus an extra €1.20 per item of luggage, and you can purchase tickets at arrivals or on the bus. The Atral bus leaves every 10-40 minutes. (Cotral tickets can be procured from tobacco shops and other sales points outside the airport).
  2. Follow steps 2-4 of our From Fiumicino by Train notes above, and then follow part 2 to transfer between Termini and Sant’Anselmo.



Catching a Cab/Taxi

While there are lots of cabs/taxis at the airports, not all of these are official. Experience has shown that unofficial journeys can be far more costly than official ones!

The fare from an airport in Rome should be no more than €50-€80.
If you have arrived at Termini or Ostiense Station, the fare should be no more than €15.

Uber is, of course, another option!

Catching a taxi from the Airport(s).
  1. After baggage claim, exit the aiport. No official taxi drivers come into the airports.
  2. Locate the Taxi rank outside with official taxis. Official taxis are white, with a particular sign on the front doors which looks like this!
  3. Provide the address of the abbey (in the footer of our website) to the driver and enjoy the ride!
  4. For more information please, including Taxi culture, please refer to Romewise’s page.

We’ve been able to put this page together because of some great resources where you can find more information if you’re still unsure.